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fadethis, 03/20/2021
Helped me through an emotional crisis
I’ve always dealt with personal challenges on my own and have never sought out formal help. Due to some recent distress that I could not handle, I decided to try out the free 30-min trial after having the app for many months. The experience exceeded my expectations, the person I talked to was empathetic, and shared practical ways to deal with my situation which brought me back down to earth from the poor state I was in. It helped that it was anonymous and did not come with the concerns that are involved with sharing with a friend or family member. Don’t underestimate the power of a listening ear and someone to give unbiased, clear perspective. Even though it was anonymous, it was still personal. Thank you, Hapi and the person that helped me!
sami0002020, 10/02/2020
I’m in awe
I really didn’t think much about this app at first. I was in the middle of a really rough day with no one to talk to and then saw an ad on Instagram for it. I figured I’d give it a try since the first 30 minutes are free. It felt weird venting to a stranger at first but my listener has given me so much good advice and really made me feel heard. She’s a godsend and I’ve talked to her multiple times since that first call. This app isn’t a replacement for therapy, but it’s much cheaper and does help you get some weight off your shoulders. You can cry with your listener and just let everything go. If you need someone to talk to but don’t want to talk to friends or family, try this app.
ChangeTheVerification, 04/02/2021
I’m actually impressed, very nice
The second I downloaded it and typed a sentence talking about my issue without details and stuff, basically looking for ppl who i can talk to about that topic; I found someone very quickly! Not even 5 minutes. And they were so well spoken and empathetic. I was talking to an actual real person, not a bot, and they actually listened and gave me advice, their opinion and tried to motivate me. They made me feel so safe and comfortable, like I was talking to a friend. I felt so much better after talking with them. I hope they become a therapist or do great in life because they are a very good and empathetic person.