Feeling Better Is Just A Call Away


Hapi is an emotional support service that provides a safe non-judgement space where people can talk about what's on their mind to a professional Hapi listener.

our mission

Providing a Sense of Belonging

we're solving loneliness by

Providing a safe space where everyone can speak their mind without fear or judgement.


Making people feel heard and understood by providing active listening as a service.

95% of users feel better
after their first call.

Hapi Listeners have been making
people feel better since 2019.

Over 1.5 million
minutes of listening

Thousands and thousands of conversations.

Hapi Listeners

We have a large network
trained listeners.


The Atlantic Listening Academy

Develop your communication skills by enrolling in our certificate program where people can learn the tools, tactics, and habits behind becoming a better listener. 

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data & insights


Discover valuable insights between your employees and your organization. Make data-driven decisions for your company with Hapi.


Become a Hapi Listener

Being a Hapi Listener is an opportunity to help people and make the world a better place. Start empowering others and developing a society where people feel heard and understood.