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Here at Hapi, we respect and admire the work therapists and counselors do. We don’t want to replace therapy with our customers. Rather, we want to enhance the therapist/client relationship by offering an additional avenue for people to express their feelings.

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Rhonda Ladd
Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD , LPC
Hi! I'm so glad you are here. Whether you are looking for healing, renewal, or vision in your relationships, going through life transitions, or have challenges in your career, I'd love to help you begin building a better connections, greater intimacy, less conflict, and hope for the future.
Norfolk, VA 23517
$175 per session
Scott Thomas Gilchrist
Prince George, VA 23875
$65 per session
TruVine Telehealth Professionals, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor, EdS , LPCCS, LPC
As an executive or health care professional, you have committed your life to leading and providing quality service and care to your clients and patients. Who is caring for you? How are you leaning into building the life that allows you to grow and be your BEST self? You are in the RIGHT place! Online therapy can provide the opportunity to begin or continue that process in a virtual setting that protects your privacy and is more flexible to your demanding schedule. Let's take some time to work through WHATEVER is working YOU! It is time to re-invest in YOU. Together, we can begin the journey that takes you to the next level.
Chesapeake, VA 23320
$150 per session
Peggy (Margaret) E Blaylock
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW , CSAC , Coach
Keeping up with changes and unknowns can be overwhelming. It might seem like it's never going to get better. It can AND I'd like to help. Do you know the last time you felt joy and at peace or does it always seem like you're barely hanging on? There is a healthier way to cope so that stress, worry or anger don't overtake you. Don't let your present circumstances keep you from getting the care you deserve. No matter what life situations you find yourself in, you can have a fulfilling life. All therapy sessions are online, so you can receive help when your schedule permits and attend sessions in comfort.
Henrico, VA 23229
$95 per session
Linda DuToit
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC , MA , CCATP
Are you ready for something to change? I help adults and teens manage and overcome anxiety, depression, family abuse, domestic violence and abuse, and complex trauma (C-PTSD). My practice includes a focus on managing and overcoming anxiety disorders and depression. I also specialize in helping people heal from narcissistic/toxic relationships and families. I provide a safe and compassionate counseling environment where we work together to build or restore your life as you want it to be. I am results-oriented. I strive to bring hope and healing to those who may be frustrated, confused, hurting, and ready for change.
Sterling, VA 20165
$60 per session
David L Kupfer
Psychologist , PhD
If you want help in overcoming depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, I have over 30 years of experience working with people like you. I have been trained in a practical, compassionate, brand of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and have learned to add techniques such as EMDR and Mindfulness to the basic approach I have used. I have special training in treating anxiety problems, mood disorders, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, medical illness, and helping people deal with grief and loss. I was named a "Top Therapist" by Washingtonian Magazine in 2009 for my work with OCD, Panic, Phobias, and Generalized Anxiety Disorders.
Falls Church, VA 22043
$190 per session
Erica Phillips Resident In Counseling
Pre-Licensed Professional , MA
Reston, VA 20190
$80 per session
Bryn Davis
Licensed Professional Counselor, MEd , LPC
Is life overwhelming? You feel like no-one understands. You can't seem to get a handle on your thoughts or emotions. Issues from the past keep resurfacing. You've tried pushing those memories away and moving on with life. But somehow that doesn't work and you find yourself in the same cycle again.
Lynchburg, VA 24501
$120 per session
Curt Ramsey
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
As your counselor, I’ll guide you through some of your toughest challenges in life with a gentle but “real” approach. Within our counselor-client relationship, I prioritize developing trust and openness, allowing you the freedom to share anything on your mind without fear of judgment or criticism. I've enjoyed my work with college students tremendously. I often see people struggling with anxiety, depression, or just dealing with stress from life situations or relationships.
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Charlotte A. Schafer
Licensed Professional Counselor, BS, MA
Do you wish you knew better coping skills for managing anxiety, panic attacks or depression? Are you feeling under the control of others and don’t know how to break free? Are you experiencing guilt, or sadness that doesn't go away? As a professional counselor I can help you find your way back to a more joyful, healthy life. As a caring professional I can teach you techniques that make these distresses lesson or even leave, and help you regain a more balanced perspective over your emotional issues. Are you looking for empowerment over emotional habiting? As a balanced Christian counselor I have answers, and would love to help you.
Troy, VA 22974
$65 per session