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Here at Hapi, we respect and admire the work therapists and counselors do. We don’t want to replace therapy with our customers. Rather, we want to enhance the therapist/client relationship by offering an additional avenue for people to express their feelings.

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Dane Libart
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW , LLC
I have worked with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. Almost everyone struggles with anxiety, depression, and or their relationships. This time it feels like it has reached the breaking point. You need a safe harbor. A place to catch your breath and clear your head. The stress, anguish, depression, confusion and conflict is not going away. In the past you’ve always been able to figure it out. Not this time. The pain has gone too long and you are finally ready to reach-out for help.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
$100 per session
Cynthia Hamill
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC , MA
I want to help you achieve your goals and live the life you want to live. Sometimes terrible things happen. Sometimes not great things happen. Sometimes things are just annoying. I can help you address these issues and hopefully get to a place where you remember how awesome you are. Sometimes we all forget. Let's try and remember.
Tulsa, OK 74135
$100 per session
Jessica Leigh Helmka
Drug & Alcohol Counselor , MA , LADC/MH
Trying to recover from addiction or mental illness on your own is tremendously difficult. This is true for not only the one with the disorder, but for each family member who may feel desperate for change. You probably feel like you have exhausted yourself trying to recover or to help someone recover, but no positive change seems to last. Although reaching out for help is hard, the willingness to engage in counseling with an experienced therapist can give you the push you need and provide you with tools you would not have access to if you continue try to use the same ineffective strategies to solve the problems on your own.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Restorative Alternative Wellness
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , PhD , LCSW , LADC
Are you struggling with family or relationship stress? PTSD, chronic pain or trauma related issues causing pain? We treat from the very young to very old here at RAW, Inc. Sometimes depression, anxiety, or other pressures feel overwhelming and our staff is here to help you deal with your problems no matter how big they feel! Dr. Gina Pazzaglia (PhD, LCSW, LADC) and other providers utilize various therapeutic strategies to meet your specific needs and life tools that will improve your mood stability, communication, and self worth. We can and will empower you in your life! We now offer Sooner Care services; & wellness coaching.
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
Jordan Bracht
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW
Note: My caseload is currently full. Do traumatic memories or self-doubts play in your mind on repeat, making you feel permanently broken? Maybe you aren't able to be present or fully experience life. Perhaps you have difficulty building or maintaining relationships & feel trapped in loneliness or isolation. Maybe you face inner conflicts that you don't know how to resolve. When you are hit by the pain of your past or present challenges, you may feel helpless—unable to handle your emotions in ways that are healthy & effective, despite your best effort. Your mental & emotional struggles are as real and valid as physical struggles.
Tulsa, OK 74105
Marilyn A Daniel
Marilyn's strength lies in treating & supporting others attain their goals. With 21 years experience working with adults, families & children/adolescents in matters of depression, anxiety, Stress and life changes in general- all people naturally gravitate toward wellness & healing. Marilyn employs CBT, Brief solution focused, Eclectic treatment approaches. Also, Marilyn has been instructing parents on moving children from power struggles to cooperation & peace for 21 years. Available: Tue - Fri. 10AM to 6PM and Saturday by appointment. She looks forward to a short consultation to discern a good fit for a therapeutic relationship.
Tulsa, OK 74136
$75 per session
Lori (Lorene) M Roper
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW , LEND
Sometimes, we find ourselves buried under challenging life circumstances. When this happens, we are left with three options: remain stuck and undecided, fight through, wounded and bitter, or emerge stronger, wiser and more resilient. I love coming alongside clients who feel they are without hope, and helping them find their inner strengths to emerge resilient. I have experience working with trauma, grief, PTSD, pain management, postpartum depression, chronic medical conditions, OCD, substance use, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and marriage and family issues.
Norman, OK 73069
$150 per session
Jesse Thompson
Marriage & Family Therapist , LMFT-S, SAP
You don't have to spend an hour of your week for the rest of your life in therapy, discussing your failures. We identify the desired outcome, your strengths, and begin pursuing the desired outcome during our very first meeting.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Yvonne Lewis
**NO Openings** I'm the therapist you come to when you need to go deep, without being judged. We will explore why you feel the way you feel and do the things you do. Expect tears. I welcome them. That's part of the healing process. I am a Certified Brainspotting Therapist, specializing in the treatment of trauma and I LOVE helping those serious about healing. I enjoy working with adults, other therapists, and those who just need to dump or process their own trauma. Email me about Brainspotting for groups and public speaking. Unsure if I am a good fit? Consultations are $30 for 15 minutes. Couples are $250 an hour.
Tulsa, OK 74136
Leslie Crane
Marriage & Family Therapist , MS , LMFT
I help millennial women get unstuck. Many women promise themselves they’ll do things differently from now on - and find themselves stuck in the same spot 6 months later. Life’s too short to let your past keep disrupting your future. Life in the modern world can put on an immense amount of pressure. I can help you overcome anxiety, depression, and the things that are holding you back from living out your potential.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116