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Here at Hapi, we respect and admire the work therapists and counselors do. We don’t want to replace therapy with our customers. Rather, we want to enhance the therapist/client relationship by offering an additional avenue for people to express their feelings.

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Andrew Bodine
Counselor , LGPC
Life is something to be enjoyed. Sometimes obstacles, stress, and pain rob us of our joy. If your daily goal is to simply “get by” or “to survive until tomorrow”- I want to help you overcome these obstacles. Throughout your therapy process, I will give you tools that challenge your perspective of yourself and the world around you. Helping you to live a happier life through self-acceptance and compassion, allowing you to make deeper connections with others and the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.
Ijamsville, MD 21754
$125 per session
Joanna Strait
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , MSW , LICSW , LCSW-C
Bethesda, MD 20814
$180 per session
Andrew Walen
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW-C , LICSW , CEDS-S
My practice specializes in the treatment of males ages 14+ in Maryland, DC, an Virginia. Males historically do not seek mental health services because of stigma, fear of not being understood, and limited numbers of male therapists who "get" them. With me, you will be heard and understood. If you're here, that means you're looking for help with the two most common diagnoses males have - anxiety and depression. But the behaviors are what typically send males to treatment such as: eating disorders; substance use; compulsive exercise; self-harm; sex addiction and infidelity; and isolation and avoidance of opportunities.
Baltimore, MD 21208
$200 per session
Rosalind Ceasar
Life happens to all of us and we usually deal with it, but sometimes things get complicated and we cannot “do it alone” - we need someone to walk with us. So whether you are a parent trying to manage a child’s behavior or support your child in school; an individual seeking personal development or dealing with mental illness; or a family going through transition, I will be that someone. I will be there to give you hope that change is possible and that you have what it takes to make that change happen.
Elkridge, MD 21075
$125 per session
Caitlin McGuire
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSWC
Congratulations on taking this step in your journey of wellness. I look forward to having the pleasure of walking alongside you in this journey of empowerment! My background has been in in home services, specifically in foster care and adoptions. I have had the opportunity to work in diverse populations, including Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County treating depression, anxiety, bipolar, mood disorders, ADHD, and PTSD. **Caitlin is a board certified clinical supervisor.
Severna Park, MD 21146
$125 per session
Nancy Fiorentino
So often people feel stuck or trapped by life circumstances, relationships, or their own thoughts and feelings. I believe therapy can be a wonderful resource to help provide healing, learn new coping skills, and develop greater self-awareness and strength. Therapy can help you learn how to actually live your life rather than just "white knuckling it." If you are feeling stuck and wonder if therapy can be helpful, I encourage you to call. I provide a safe environment for individuals and couples so that a collaborative relationship develops and change can occur.
Towson, MD 21204
$185 per session
The Rice Counseling Service
My ideal client would be an individual who is experiencing problems trying to cope with the daily stressors in their life. My job as a counselor would be to help this individual get to the underlying and causative factors which are causing the stress in their life and help this person overcome their stressors.
Pikesville, MD 21208
$60 per session
Lorrie Hurst
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW-C , CCATP
Are you or a loved one having trouble with daily life, family, school, or relationships? I am here to help. I provide a safe place to talk about those concerns, and insure that every client feels heard. I work with children, adults, families and groups with many different needs and backgrounds. I enjoy working with clients who struggle with anxiety, mood disturbances, communication problems, life transitions, autism/spectrum disorder, low self-esteem, behavioral/emotional adjustments, and substance abuse/addiction to name a few.
Ijamsville, MD 21754
$150 per session
Jennifer Udler
Clinical Social Work/Therapist , LCSW-C
I specialize in working with adolescents and adults. I walk with my clients outdoors in a park or on a trail. My clients benefit from being out in nature and tend to open up in this calm and comfortable environment. I help clients improve coping skills and build self esteem in the most natural way, taking time to improve themselves and take charge of the direction of their lives. I focus on a full range of issues including decreasing anxiety, improving social functioning, regulating emotions, and building healthy relationships.
Potomac, MD 20854
$180 per session
Jeannie Dougherty
Counselor , MAPC, LCPC
COVID 19 has left you unprepared for your life and work now. Are you caring for yourself and your family or are you burned out? How do you manage a relationship? How do handle work and school stress? Are you prepared for the future and do you have the right tools? My job is to help you harness your power and develop coping skills and plans for today and your future. Exhaustion, frantic thinking, and limited coping are not enough.
Bethesda, MD 20814
$150 per session