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Here at Hapi, we respect and admire the work therapists and counselors do. We don’t want to replace therapy with our customers. Rather, we want to enhance the therapist/client relationship by offering an additional avenue for people to express their feelings.

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Daisy Martinez-DiCarlo
Many of my clients get attached to the outcome and have a hard time staying present in the moment and finding value in their journey or process. They get locked in a role that has been wounded and needs healing, transformation or change. They judge themselves for not being where they want to be in their lives. We set goals on how to stay present and manage their feelings. I use doubling statements to help make their unspoken feelings heard. We work on expanding their role repertoire so that they can access their full voice and full range of self. They want to be heard, visible, accepted and validated without being judged.
Sarasota, FL 34237
$150 per session
Joel Bernstein
Many of us struggle with conflicting thoughts and emotions. Facing challenging decisions, navigating intimate relationships and family, and carrying too many responsibilities can be overwhelming and often too difficult to work though alone. Unresolved issues and traumas can lead to feeling "stuck" rather than taking steps towards finding solutions and healing. Many people resort to "quick fixes" when feeling lonely, anxious, or depressed, instead of addressing the root cause of the pain and discomfort. My experiences and training allow me to help you find tools within yourself to discover new perspectives and cultivate new skills.
Sarasota, FL 34237
$100 per session
Reflections Counseling & Coaching
At Reflections, we love helping people to find peace and joy again, and to experience their personal, family, and financial dreams coming true as well. We help our clients to deal with problematic thoughts and behaviors and life stress in general also. We work from a Christian framework and we "dig" only as deeply as needed to correct the problem(s). Our coaches specifically focus on meeting your goals for a promising future! In addition to our in-person work, we also offer online courses that individuals can take in the privacy of their own home!
Sarasota, FL 34240
$120 per session
Luann Cusic
Counselor , LMHC
Sometimes our inner critic can be relentless by telling us we aren’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough, skinny enough, outgoing enough, attractive enough, or likeable enough to do something. That voice can become so common that we don’t even question the validity of it anymore. It eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because at some point we begin viewing the world through that lens of never being able to measure up. We then begin to seek out information that agrees with our inner critic. We can also misread others’ comments, gestures or facial expressions so that it aligns with our own doubts about ourselves.
Sarasota, FL 34231
$100 per session