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Here at Hapi, we respect and admire the work therapists and counselors do. We don’t want to replace therapy with our customers. Rather, we want to enhance the therapist/client relationship by offering an additional avenue for people to express their feelings.

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Priscila Matei
The therapeutic relationship plays an important role in the healing process and my aim is to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. My style is interactive, supportive, direct and person-centered while providing compassion, understanding, empathy, and practical feedback in a safe, non-judgmental and relaxed therapeutic setting online. Whether you're a student, professional or person with a disability trying to navigate through vocational rehab, I would like to provide you support with ways to cope with the stress and gain a better understanding of yourself.
Surprise, AZ 85379
$100 per session
Counseling with Kelli LLC
Counselor , LPC , CSAT
My clients are often struggling with trying to fill a void. This is often with some sort of unhealthy coping mechanism such as an addiction or a behavioral issue. This only gives temporary relief because the true underlying issues are not being addressed. This is where I come in. Together we can uncover what is holding you back and address what we find.
Surprise, AZ 85378
$150 per session
Mind Renew, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor, MSPC, LPC
You’re not sure when it started, or maybe you are. All you know is that your life is not the same. It’s both heartbreaking and nerve-racking to feel that you are disconnected from your own life's vision. Most days you feel helpless because you cannot understand how to help yourself or create the life you deserve. I understand because I felt that way too. It's time for you to stop wishing and commit to investing in yourself and the life you desire. Contact me for your free transition assessment.
Surprise, AZ 85388