Am I in a toxic relationship?

Answer the following questions with a simple yes or no.

1. Your partner enjoys making you feel jealous.
2. You apologize even when you are not sorry for fear of losing them.
3. The relationship generally confuses you.
4. You don’t trust them.
5. You feel anxious when you are about to see them.
6. You make excuses for their bad behavior.
7. They are very demanding.
8. They make you feel like you are overly sensitive.
9. They often ridicule or criticize you.
10. You never seem to know where you stand.
11. You are slowly losing confidence in yourself.
12. They never take accountability for their actions but blame others instead.
13. You have gradually stopped doing the things you love for the person but they have not done the same.
14. They run hot and cold.
15. They make you feel inadequate.