Are you a health professional? Find out what HAPIcoach Pro can do for you!

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3 Easy Steps to Improve Yourself


1. Choose your own 1:1
nutritional coach.

When you start with HAPIcoach, you'll get to interact a coach who will follow your weight loss progress every step of the way. Your coach will work with you 1:1 and with the support of the team. Your coach will be familiar with your preferences, patterns, and health history, which means that every tip and encouragement you get is personalised for you.

2. Take photos of your meals with the HAPIcoach app

When you take photos of your meals on the HAPIcoach app, you'll be sharing them with your coach which will earn you Validation* points.

*Validations are points that your coach awards you for every healthy meal to see how well you are doing with regards to your meal advice, meal plan, diet...


3. Monitor yourself with the HAPI Connected Scale with Smart Body Analyser and the HAPI Activity Tracker

Your nutritional coaching deserves a well-rounded approach. Our HAPI Devices are integrated with HAPIcoach to guide you in terms of overall health, in addition to your daily nutrition. The HAPI Connected Body Analyser measures your body's progress by tracking weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, body water, and bone mass. The HAPI Activity Tracker covers physical activity and sleep. You'll be able to find all your daily stats in the HAPIcoach app.

HAPI Devices

The full range of HAPI Devices integrates exclusively with HAPIcoach.
More info coming soon

HAPI Connected Scale with Smart Body Analyser

HAPI Connected Scale
with Smart Body Analyser

HAPI Activity Tracker

HAPI Activity Tracker

HAPI Blood Pressure Monitor

HAPI Blood Pressure Monitor
(coming soon)

HAPIcoach is bundled with these HAPI Devices, so you can enjoy:

  • 1:1 interaction with your personal dietitian
  • Validations of your meals throughout the week
  • Comprehensive weekly summaries from your coach and health data
  • Optional daily coaching programs (from under £1 a day)

Choose your HAPIcoach:

All our UK and international coaches have credentials in nutrition and have many
years of experience in providing personalised nutritional coaching.

Are you a health professional? Find out what HAPIcoach Pro can do for you!